I have lived the USB-C #donglelife. Here’s what you’re in for

There has been more talk of dongles now that Apple has gone and done it: excised all ports on the new MacBook Pros except one: USB-C. It is good and right to be unhappy that there aren’t any standard USB-A ports, MagSafe, or SD card slots on these new MacBook Pros. If that gives you serious pause, I am with you and don’t have any easy answers beyond “buy the dongles and deal with them.” Lucky for you, yesterday Apple relented a bit and slashed the prices on many of its adapters.

Using an Old Dropbox Password? Time for an Update

As many as 60 million accounts may have been compromised in the 2012 breach that prompted Dropbox to request that users change their password, Vice News reports this week. A spokesperson told Vice that Dropbox has seen no evidence of malicious access of these accounts.

Intel Unveils Kaby Lake Processor Details

Just as the history of Intel's developments in the processor field have more or less followed Moore's law since it was proposed in 1965, so has the company's quest to produce increasingly powerful chips that use decreasing amounts of power.

So your company’s been hacked: How to handle the aftermath

After a company has been hacked and the hack has been discovered to be a harmful one, top executives and IT leaders normally huddle in a room to assess the loss. It's usually not a pretty scene. It's not as if heads are exploding. It is more like what some might call a tense "come to Jesus" moment. "It's not good," said cyber security expert Tyler Cohen Wood. She's participated in post-hack forensics sessions at companies and has witnessed the faces of panicked executives firsthand.