Combining The Power of Social & SEO

Combining The Power of Social & SEO

SEO and social media used to be two separate entities. Some will still argue that they still are, and you can still get results from using just one or the other.

The only problem with just using one or the other these days is that people expect a lot more out the companies that they work with. They expect not only good rankings in Google, but they also expect to see some sort of online presence.

Which means, that you can get to the top of Google, but without any sort of fan base or presence to entice and instill trust into people, then there's nothing stopping them from going to your competitor, who is not only on the first page of Google, but who also has an awesome social presence.

We came across an article titled, What Every Leader Needs To Know About SEO and it brought up some great points.

One point in particular really stuck out:

"In the end, rankings don’t matter. Traffic doesn’t matter. Only conversions matter, because they can be measured in dollars and cents."

Search engine optimization is highly recommended and needs to be utilized within your online marketing campaign. But there also needs to be more to your campaign than simply 'getting to the top of Google'.

That's where social media marketing and search engine optimization work extremely well together.

Every new piece of content from your website that you put out into the internet sphere, is a link back to your website. Meaning, every time you post on your FB, Google+ or Twitter page, that's a searchable opportunity. You may post JUST the thing that someone is looking for.

Not only that, but building a community is extremely valuable to gaining conversions. It's about gaining trust and you gain trust by being a valuable source. Well what better way to show that you're a valuable asset to your industry than by sharing great information and building your community?

People LOVE to share their opinions on social networks, good and bad. However, if they walk away pleased with you in one way or another (whether it's from great content, great service, great product, etc) they're more likely to post on their own FB, as well as yours, to share their joy.

The list of benefits of combining social media marketing and search engine optimization is a long one and should be considered carefully.

If you're thinking about what social media and SEO can do for YOUR business, talk to a professional about it. Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter with any questions you may have.

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