Simplicity in Print Advertising

Simplicity in Print Advertising


Simplicity in Print Advertising

Graphic Designers and Agencies have continuously encouraged their clients to follow a simplistic approach whether it’s developing a print advertisement (above), a landing page for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or a new logo design. The worry is our attention span. Example, DVRs. Researchers at Boston College argue television viewers watching recorder television are more influence by brands while fast-forwarding, than those during live TV. Why? Because when people are fast-forwarding through the Walking Dead's their favorite TV show's commercials they’re paying close attention to the commercials, while awaiting to immediately hit the play button on their show’s return.

Why Duracell Approved Such Simplicity

Imagining a Duracell Battery is almost automatic when flipping to this Duracell Ad in a magazine. The creators, Grey (Mumbai), wanted their simplicity to create curiosity, which is why this ad takes another dramatic approach by not including the Duracell logo. Logos are the building blocks of graphic design, so for Duracell to trust their Agency when they said, “Oh, by the way this campaign isn’t going to use your logo”, it was truly a sign of trust that every agency/freelancer wishes they could have with a client.

What Makes This Ad Great

It’s hard to get emotional when you’re advertising batteries, but over the years Duracell has made us realize batteries play an important role in our daily lives. Now Duracell is helping us realize not only the positive side of the battery but also the negative.  

When viewing this ad for the first time your eyes immediately go to the plus sign (positive side) and then flow naturally toward the minus sign (negative side). Typically, rule of thumb on an advertisement using the positive-then-a-negative approach will always say the positive first to not alarm the audience to turn the page. There’s always an exception though. DirecTV’s campaign “Get rid of cable” starts with the negative outcomes in purchasing cable while ending with the no hassle solution of DirecTV. It's great competitive advertsing.

With this award winning campaign Duracell grabs our attention with its simplicity and the copy/graphic design elements work perfectly together to send us their new campaign message about the positives and negatives of battery-powered devices.

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