The Business Tablet That Fits In IT

The Business Tablet That Fits In IT

Is the Microsoft Surface Pro right for your business? Whether this is the right tablet to implement in your business is debatable, but it is definitely worth the look.  Unlike most tablets on the market, the advantage of a tablet running a full professional version of Windows 8 is the ability to implement it in a domain environment. What does that mean? Security and manageability. Whether a business has a server on premise or in the cloud, this makes an easy addition.  The Microsoft Surface Pro has an expected release date of February 9th.

Unlike the Surface RT, which can only run Windows 8-optimized Metro apps, the Surface Pro runs Microsoft's full Windows 8 Pro operating system. That means it can handle all legacy Windows apps. The scant app selection for the Surface RT is a significant weakness for the device. The Surface Pro is remedy to that problem, but it comes with its own drawbacks.

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