Google I/O 2013 - Chromebook Review

Google I/O 2013 - Chromebook Review

Among all of the activities, sights, sounds, networking opportunities and more at Google I/O 2013, there are some other neat perks, including free stuff.

One of the items that was given to attendees was a Chromebook.

The screen is very reflective! But it looks sharp.

Here is a list of specs:

1. A spectacular view

4.3 million pixels - each invisible to the unaided eye - work together to deliver crisp text, vivid colors, and extra-wide viewing angles. The 12.85" screen has the highest pixel density of any laptop, and a 3:2 photographic format designed for the web puts every one of those pixels to good use.

2. Everything at your fingertips

Organize windows, swipe through apps, and edit photos with the tip of your finger. A 0.55mm layer of touch-enabled glass fused directly to the screen provides smooth touch interactions while preserving clarity.

3. Precision design

Pixel is machined from an anodized aluminum alloy to a tolerance of 0.1mm, leaving nothing extraneous or distracting: vents are hidden, screws invisible, and stereo speakers seamlessly tucked away beneath the backlit keyboard.

4. Crystal clear sound

Powerful, high quality speakers are hidden beneath the keyboard to preserve the sleek, machined aluminum design. A microphone array and active noise cancellation help ensure that all audio is clear and lifelike.

5. Etched glass touchpad

You immediately notice the feel and precision of the touchpad. Pixel's made from etched glass, painstakingly analyzed and honed using a laser microscope, resulting in exceptional smoothness and accuracy.

6. Backlit keyboard

Backlights in the screen and keyboard respond to both the room's ambient lighting and how Pixel is being used. For example, when watching a full-screen video, the keyboard automatically dims to an appropriate level.

7. Piano hinge

A piano hinge not only makes it possible to open and close Pixel with a single finger, it's also engineered to augment the range of the two Wi-Fi antennas and act as a heatsink to help keep the machine cool.

8. The fastest connectivity

Pixel has stellar Wi-Fi range thanks to two precisely positioned antennas with dual-band support. LTE is engineered into the machine for blazing fast connections on the go.

9. One terabyte of Google Drive*

Access and share photos, videos, documents, and files across all your devices. Pixel comes with one terabyte of cloud storage, free for 3 years.

10. The best of Google

Your favorite Google products shine on the Chromebook Pixel. Watch YouTube at its highest resolution, video chat in high definition with Google+ Hangouts, and navigate Google Maps.

It's an exciting new laptop with a lot of great features!

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