How to use Facebook as (Your Fan Page)

How to use Facebook as (Your Fan Page)

The words, "My Facebook is broken!" still echo in the corner of our office. Our client was confused of the new facebook change, as they could no longer view, like or share their fan page's newsfeed. For some reason Facebook found it too simple to manage pages by the drop down of a gear. Not that's its more difficult, but for companies and people who manage mulitple accounts it's an unnecessary extra step.

The Newly Added Step to View, Like & Share Your Page's Newsfeed

1. Click the Gear in the upper right corner - Drop down will occur.

2. Click the appropriate Fan Page - Redirect to Fan Page Profile will occur.

(keep in mind at this point the default setting should allow you to post as the Fan Page on the profile page ONLY)

3. Click Edit Page - Drop down will occur.

4. Click Use Facebook as (Your Page Name)

Note: "Use Facebook as..." will ONLY appear to Page Managers.


Hopefully these steps will help you or your clients the next time they think Facebook is broken.

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