Bitrix24 is an Office Manager’s Best Friend

Bitrix24 is an Office Manager’s Best Friend

Computer System Intelligence, CSI, has been open since 2009 and every year our company continues to grow. The amount of calls and daily tasks are too much to handle for a program like Outlook for example. We needed a solution and Bitrix24 was it. It’s not a perfect solution but for our office it’s the best resource we’ve found so far.

Bitrix24 Call Log

One of the easiest things to do when answering the phone is grabbing a sticky note and jotting a phone message, but keeping track of these messages always leads to cluttered desks and missing assignments. With Bitrix24 everything is web based. Someone calls we search for their company, log the call and assign the responsible party. No one misses a beat and our desks stay clutter free.



Bitrix24 Task Management

Our office has multiple departments with in-office employees, remote employees, and contractors. Assigning and tracking tasks through email and phone are two of the most inefficient ways our company used to spend its time. With Bitrix24 we can assign a task immediately, set deadlines, client information, and upon completion our managers receive an instant notification as well.  Even if our employees are at a client’s location with the Bitrix24 app they will receive the same instant notification with the same detailed task information.

The downside to the task manager is the deadline system and the default functionality. When deadlines are created the one task fills your entire calendar until the deadline, unless you indicate a given start and end time. The default popups to create tasks are rather annoying because every job of ours is very detail oriented, which means we need to expand the task creator twice before it has all the functionality we need. It’s only a few extra seconds but it’s still a problem.

Bitrix24 Calendar

As we mentioned above the Bitrix24 Task Manager has an extensive customization list, but why doesn’t the calendar? The calendar lacks the ability to have a check-off list & instant messenger notification. Though it does have its own features that distinguish it from the task manager the only one which has been relevant to our office is the ease of setting the time and date of a meeting. Unlike the task creator this process only take a couple clicks and you’re done.


Bitrix24 Overall

If you’re looking for a free office management system for an office of 12 or less, this is definitely an option to consider.

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