SEO: "Content is King" vs Chuck Norris

SEO: "Content is King" vs Chuck Norris

How to do San Antonio Small Business Search Engine Optimization: On-Page Optimization

The other day I was at a mixer and a fellow marketing chap comes along and tells me a joke…

Marketing Chap: “So, did you hear? Chuck Norris lost his throne.”
Me: “…To who?”
Marketing Chap: “Content”

It was at that moment when the word, “Content” squeaked from his lips that I knew I had to do something. I have the responsibility to teach the public about the difference between king of web and ruler of the universe.

SA SEO: Keyword Research

Keywords are the building blocks of language and of search. A great example of this is “tanks shooting” verses “shooting tanks”. To search engines everything is important; the order of the words, spelling, punctuation, capitalization. When choosing your keywords research is always required. Yes, you may be the king of your profession, but if you’re ignorant about THIS process you’ll lose to your competition. 
One of the best tools to research keywords is Google Keyword Tool. With this tool you can see if your word is in high competition, see how many searches are actually occurring for this keyword and it will even give you related keyword results.

The Difference: Keyword Research vs. Chuck Norris

When someone searches for “Chuck Norris” with Google Keyword Tool his competition is always low.

SEO: Keyword Placement

For basic SEO efforts your keywords must be placed in title tag, headers, meta tags and of course copy. If you’re new to this process keep in mind over-stuffing your keywords is a negative action to search engines. Attempting to manipulate search engines can be harmful to your website and can lower your rankings long term. So instead use your keywords naturally and strategically. If your page targets the keyword phrase "Alamo" then you might naturally include content about the Alamo itself, the history of the mission, or even recommend San Antonio hotels. On the other hand, if you simply sprinkle the word "Alamo" onto a page with irrelevant content, such as a page about Search Engine Optimization, then your efforts to rank for "Alamo" will be a long, uphill battle …sort of like the Alamo.

Chuck Norris vs SEO's Content.jpg

Where keywords need to go:
• At least once in the title tag, the closer to the beginning the better.
• Once in the Header (H1 Tag)
• At least 3 times in the copy, this will also depend on your amount of content.
• At least in one image (alt tag), this can also help with image searches
• Once in the url
• Once in the meta description tag, doesn’t help with search result but it’s the snippet searchers read
• DO NOT include your keyword as a link on your page, Previous Ex: Alamo (Do Not Link), San Antonio Hotels (Link)

The Difference: Keyword Placement vs. Chuck Norris

When Chuck Norris doesn’t like his Keyword Placement he changes it by dragging his finger across the screen.

Lesson Learned: “Content is King” but not of Chuck Norris

Though “Content” may be King to any and all business owners, bloggers and website developers, remember there have been many kings over the years, but only one Chuck Norris. Keep this in mind the next time you hear the phrase “Content is King” or you may find out why Chuck Norris wins a game of “connect 4” in 3 turns.

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