Smart Email and the Path to Digital Immortality

Smart Email and the Path to Digital Immortality

attended IBM Connect last week, where I checked out one of the most interesting products you've likely never heard of -- a new email offering called "IBM Verse." While there was a lot of discussion about how it better integrated social networking, what really intrigued me was the idea of putting cognitive computing inside an email client.

"Cognitive computing" is the new way of saying "artificial intelligence," because, you know, the industry likes to change terms every once in a while just to mess with our heads. Regardless of what it's called, thinking email could be incredibly powerful.

 I'll close with my product of the week, which has to be IBM Verse, the fascinating email product that focuses on the user. If I don't tell you about it, you'll likely never hear of it.

Email That Thinks

A lot of what we do with email is repetitive. That's why executives in the past rarely handled their own correspondence; their secretaries would do it for them. Secretaries, apprentices or assistants set up meetings, offered birthday wishes, responded to inquiries -- even sent direct messages. They often still do, which makes those roles especially powerful.

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