Huawei goes upscale with new smartphone and smartwatch

Huawei goes upscale with new smartphone and smartwatch

China's top smartphone manufacturer is ready to prove that it can compete with Apple and Samsung at the higher end of the market.

Huawei presented several new mobile devices on Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including two smartphones, two smartwatches and a tablet -- all of which are markedly different from its past offerings.

This is an especially big moment for Huawei in the United States, where it has largely been known for building cheap phones for carriers like T-Mobile (TMUS) and AT&T (TTech30).

But Huawei is now moving to sell devices under its own brand. The new Mate 8 smartphone and the Elegant and Jewel smartwatches show Huawei's strategy of building eye-catching products that satisfy specific user needs -- at around the same price of its competitors.


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