Mass-Hacking of TeamViewer Accounts – How to Confirm If You’re a Victim

Last week, a number TeamViewer users complained online that their accounts were breached. From PC hijacking to accounts being used for making purchases, there was a stream of user complaints. TeamViewer, however, persisted that it wasn’t attacked and that user accounts were being hacked due to their careless password practices. Turns out the company which supplies remote desktop and control systems, has suffered from a breach (it still doesn’t admit) that resulted in mass-hacking of user accounts. Wondering whether you have also been affected? Read on to find more details on how to confirm if your account is being accessed by hackers.

Smart cities call for smart buses

Any city that wants to be a smart city needs smart vehicles on the road. That means it needs smart buses. In the state of Colorado alone, an average of two school bus crashes take place every day. Meanwhile, in London, over the past five years, one person a day has been injured or killed by a bus. The number may not seem high to some, but with buses often being the largest and most recognizable vehicles on the street, bus fatalities are not taken lightly. To reduce the number of people killed or injured on city roads, the Israeli technology firm Mobileye offers a new IoT system for cities engaging in the smart city race.

Cost and distance prime barriers for remote solar technology

Sunshine beats down on north-west WA in abundance. Why then, has there been such a limited take up of solar energy in remote communities? n short the answer is money, with remote Kimberley communities having difficulty accessing capital funding. Other reasons for a lack of uptake seem to lie in ineffective government policy and the communities' limited administrative resources.