The farm tech revolution

Mapping tools, data-collecting drones, and sensors are just a few pieces of technology playing integral roles in farm tech, or what farming industry leaders refer to as precision agriculture. Allowing for improvements to be made in taking care of crops, this niche technology is proving to be good for profits and the environment.

Visualizing nanotechnology in 3D with open source software

The new open source project tomviz is helping the 3D visualization of nanotechnology. Modern computers are built with nanotechnology. A processor contains billions of transistors, each around 14 nanometers. A single bit of information on a hard disc drive is confined to a 10 nanometer domain spinning on a disc 75 miles per hour. The accelerometers in our smartphones contain nano-springs that measure gravitational forces to determine orientation.

With this 3D Printed Microscope turn your Smartphone into a science tool for less than $1

Have you ever tried for getting super-duper up close with tiny objects like a salt crystal or a blood cell using your smartphone camera ? Yes I agree that smartphone cameras are great for lot of things. but they are not designed for getting super close shots of tiny objects. But you can now do this giving a helping hand to your smartphone camera to get super-duper close to tiny objects.