Computer Repair

What Can We Help You With?

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One-On-One Assistance

  • Expert service either on-site, remotely, or on the phone.

Software Install or Repair

  • Get the most out of your software - optimized installs and repairs.

Computer Optimization

  • Regular system optimizations to keep your system running at its best..

Data Backup

  • The key to running a successful business is having a data strategy.

System Monitoring

  • Ability to correct problems before they create bigger issues.

Hardware & Recommendations

  • Recommend product and solutions that will work for you.
  • Get hardware at our cost!

Computer Repair in San Antonio and Surrounding Areas

Call Computer System Intelligence for a FREE estimate for all of your office and home computer needs. We serve San Antonio and the surrounding areas, such as Stone Oak, Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, Schertz, Boerne, and Austin with fast, efficient service for San Antonio computer repair.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair has never been faster and more convenient. Our San Antonio office offers you same day service on all popular brands of workstations and servers including Dell Dimension and Latitude, HP Pavilion, Sony Vaio, Gateway, and Lenovo. In our Intensive Computer Unit (ICU), a dedicated computer repair area, experienced, certified technicians diagnose and help you with software or hardware issues. Not only are we the leader in computer repair in San Antonio, but we can service and manage systems throughout the United States with our Managed Services.

Computer System Intelligence of San Antonio can accomplish all your computer repairs off-site or in our San Antonio office. As Microsoft and Dell certified computer professionals our technicians have many years of experience, both commercially and residentially, in PC troubleshooting on desktops and laptops. Our technicians can repair hardware or software issues on any PC, which gives our clients a “no-worries” attitude upon our visits. Make sure your choice for San Antonio Computer Repair is researched because anyone can offer a service, but there’s only a few can live up to it and have the clientele to prove it.

Laptop Repair

Computer System Intelligence of San Antonio provides laptop and netbook repair either off-site or in our San Antonio office for any Windows PC or Mac. Our experienced technicians can diagnose any laptop or netbook problem. Our technicians can repair hardware issue such as a broken power jack, broken or cracked LCD screens, or broken hinges. Our technicians can also repair software issues such as “blue screen of death,” password encryption, virus removal or software updates. Our knowledge, personality, and efficiency will keep you a client of ours for years and give you the certainty that you made the best choice for San Antonio Laptop Repair.

Common Computer Problems

Virus and Spyware Removal
The top computer problem and the cause of slowing down a system, screen freezing, and pop-ups to name a few. When a system gets infected and there is no antivirus and antispyware software installed, the antivirus and antispyware software is outdated, expired, malfunctioning, or is not configured or optimized for your system, our San Antonio Intensive Computer Unit can come to the rescue for your computer repair. Once a computer is infected, it usually does little good to download or purchase software to remedy the issue as antivirus and antispyware software is designed as a proactive measure.

Computer Will Not Power On
Another top computer problem that can easily be diagnosed with a free computer diagnostic at our San Antonio location or onsite at your business or home for a low cost. This issue is usually related with the computer's power supply, memory, or motherboard.

Computer Will Not Boot or Load Windows
Driver issues, memory or hardware issues, or a failing hard drive are a few of the reasons to make this happen. Take advantage of our free computer diagnostic at our San Antonio location and check out possible upgrades or even a new system - we have Throwback Thursdays for such an occasion!

Data Recovery

An advantage to being one of the leading local computer repair and data recovery facilities is that you get your data fast and save money. Data loss is not a possibility, it is a reality. Electronics can fail sometimes without warning and a backup strategy should always be in place. More than 50% percent of computer users don't backup their data and 90% don't know if there backup strategy is actually working.

Our San Antonio location can perform your data recovery in house in most circumstances. If not, recovery in the 'clean room' can be arranged. From a formatted laptop or desktop hard drive, password protected disks, or even a damaged drive we can help you with the data recovery and get a data backup strategy in place. We have online backup solutions starting at $5 a month to suite anyone's budget. We also work on USB flash drives, memory cards, and solid state drives.

PROTECT YOUR DATA FROM FURTHER DAMAGE. If your hard drive has failed turn your system off immediately and contact us immediately for further assistance.