Data Backup

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CSI Online Backup brings the power of the cloud to your business. Securely backup, sync, and access data between teams of 2-100. Powered by storage options from cloud leaders Rackspace® and Amazon, CSI gives you everything your business needs in one easy to use package.


Collaborate Quickly

  • Instantly sync updates and changes to your team.

Data Encryption

  • Government and industry standard data encryption protects your data.

Increase Productivity

  • More efficient data storage allows you to save time and money.

Easy Access

  • Access files through secure websites or USB.

Network Drives

  • Convenient data access.

Manage Backups Easily

  • Works from a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.

Works just like a local drive on your computer

CSI's Network Drive gives your users a secure place to store and share files as if they were already on their computers. Easily control and limit access for each user.

Collaborate quickly and seamlessly

Users can instantly sync document updates and changes with others so the entire workgroup has access to the latest files right on their local computer – even when they are offline.

Save time and money with Backup Vaults

CSI’s unique Backup Vault feature makes backups more efficient and reduces storage costs with compression and a server-grade de-duplication technology that prevents users from backing up the same data twice.

Access files from any computer

CSI makes it easy to access and sync your files through our secure website or our USB version that you can carry with you.

Data Encryption

The CSI Online Backup encrypts user data with AES-256 encryption – a government and industry standard that’s one of the most well-studied and most secure encryption algorithms available. Additionally, the Online Backup uses a unique key for each file, and constructs the key using a HMAC file that helps protect against certain attacks. The master key is based on a password YOU choose, known only to you and not stored with CSI.

Get started today with our Online Backup Solutions