Managed Services Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting and Expert Advice

Some of the many services you can benefit from with Computer System Intelligence include:Software Assessment

Using a detailed software inventory report Computer System Intelligence can review current deployment and version levels to ensure compliance with existing contracts and to forecast future needs and upgrades. Computer System Intelligence can also be alerted when new software is installed and create reports to identify new software that may represent a security threat or non-compliance.

Bandwidth and Website Monitoring

Computer System Intelligence can even assist by monitoring Internet usage and identifying areas of savings, or help you manage your available network bandwidth. Website monitoring includes your corporate site or any external sites that you depend on to run your business.

Green Computing

Ask for support in achieving more effective power management of your IT assets, which can reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, resulting in cost savings.


Consultative Business Reviews

Computer System Intelligence is well-equipped to perform regular business reviews with you. Acting much like the Chief Information Officer of a larger business, we can review the past performance of your IT assets, assess the overall health of your IT infrastructure, plan for future capacity requirements, and consult on industry trends and new technologies.

For example, you can choose to receive an Executive Summary report on a regular basis. This report is generated from the detailed operational and system data gathered from 24/7 best practices monitoring of your IT assets. This report provides an overview of the status of your IT health, including hardware and software inventory changes, patch status, security vulnerabilities, total alert counts for your workstations and servers, and a summary of remediation and maintenance actions performed by Computer System Intelligence

With access to detailed performance data on your IT assets, and armed with the knowledge to expertly manage your systems, software, security, and solutions, you can count on your Managed Services Provider to support you in making the right IT choices and investments for your business.